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Environmental Friendly Solutions

Our goal is to shoulder responsibility in reducing your carbon footprint and helping you achieve your environmental goals. Be it the BPA free paper, Kraft paper bags, Labels or Re-manufactured toner cartridges, we are always ready to support your environmental goals.

Marketing &

We believe in creating an added value for our customers. We provide a unique range of Ideas & solutions to ensure maximum coverage is achieved through our printing solutions for your organization. Please feel free to talk to one of IPS’s account manager in your respective region.

BPA Free Thermal Paper

We offer a wide range of Thermal paper & Grades including 48 gsm, 55 gsm, 58 gsm, 65 gsm, 73 gsm, 80 gsm etc. Our BPA free paper minimizes the adverse impacts of using BPA paper on employees Health. It also meets the strict guidelines of being Environment friendly.