More Products

More Products

Inkjet Cartridges

We provide a complete range of Inkjet cartridges for ATM machines and Inkjet printers. Our range includes solutions for HP, Canon, Lexmark, Epson etc


Get custom printed metro tickets which comply with all the regulations. This thermal coated ticket comes with barcode, numeric element & a magnetic strip which can be integrated with the existing metro system.

Atm Security Seals

Our ATM seals can be customized with non-repeat numbering to make every seal unique. We can also provide seals which cannot be tampered with and can be used only once and are broken if opened.

Atm Cleaning Kits

We provide ATM Cleaning Kits to remove dirt, oil & skim. Due to heavy usage of ATMs they can accumulate dirt in various parts including the card reader, which can affect the functioning of the machine.


Inking ribbons can be used for Printers, POS machines, cash registers, etc. We provide a complete range of OEM & Compatible inking ribbons for all kind of printers. We provide solutions for Epson, OKI, Brother, NCR or Diebold ATM Deposit Ribbons etc.


Use this as one of the best marketing materials alongside essential ID holders. We offer custom-designed lanyards in various solid colours, logos and designs.

Credit Cards

We provide the best quality credit cards, which meet the ISO standards. Be it Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc.


Get custom designed cinema tickets with high-quality printing that lasts for long.

Medical Rolls

Surgical paper rolls are manufactured using the best printers to provide legible reading and ensure that the ink in the form of report or graphs does not fade away. Hospitals and medical laboratories use our medical rolls for ECG graphs and printing various reports.

Car park Tickets

We provide Car Park tickets for major brands like SKIDATA, AMANO, SCHEIDT & BACHMANN, DESIGNA, DATAPARK & many more. Our tickets are manufactured on approved & recommended grades of Thermal Top Coated, Thermal non-Top coated paper in line with OEM specifications. These are approved for usage at airports, shopping malls and various other places.

Duty Free Bag

Our Duty free bag comes with Maximum security tamper evident tape closure, easy to carry handle and special heat seal which ensures highest level of Tamper Evidence. It comes with a unique serial number and barcode with a thick seal on three sides.

Police Breathable Security Evidence Bags

Our Security Evidence Bags come with a unique, traceable number, tamper evident closure and are preprinted with information required for evidence submission. These bags are puncture and tear resistant, waterproof, quick and easy to seal.

Poly mailer with Double Adhesive Strip

Our strong, lightweight, high strength tamper-evident mailers with secure closure have double adhesive strips which also allow for over-stuffing. Our poly mailers use 2.5 mil durable film and come in various sizes. These poly mailers are double adhesive which are also called returnable poly mailers.

Security Bag for Election

Our security bag makes use of “tamper evident” glue line which indicates if tampered with, it has an extra strong polythene which ensures that the bag cannot be ripped easily. The bag has an opaque finish which ensures confidentiality. This bag is also referred to as ballot bags or Affidavit bags.


Our SMSA bags come in two variants – Box and Envelope. Box comes in various sizes and can hold weights up to 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg. We also provide specialized boxes for oil and honey. Our envelope is eco-friendly and comes with a pouch and can hold weight upto 0.5 kg.

Tamper Evident bag for Education

These bags have sequence number, twin seal and are tamper proof which cannot be opened without leaving a trace. It has a writable surface on which clear instructions can be written. This bag also has multiple levels of security.

Tamper Evident Bags for Forensics & Law Enforcement

Our tamper evidence bags are made for high risk applications and protects from all known methods of attack. These bags are made from durable polyethylene film and comes with preprinted form for proper evidence submission. These bags are designed in such a way that wet evidence can be dried and also guards against deterioration of evidence.  

Tengen Security Bag

Our tengen security bag comes with Virgin PE, smooth surface, strong adhesion which makes it tamper proof and gives a precise printing effect. This bag is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

White Poly Mailer with Pocket

These are strong, lightweight, high strength tamper-evident mailers with secure closure have double adhesive strips which also allow for over-stuffing. Our poly mailers use 2.5 mil durable film and come in various sizes. These poly mailers are double adhesive which are also called returnable poly mailers.

Carton Boxes

We are a leading manufacturer of Carton Boxes in various size and shape as per requirement. Our carton boxes are crafted with durable materials and reinforced seams to withstand rigorous handling and protect your items during transit or storage. Whether you’re moving house, shipping products, or storing belongings, our carton boxes offer reliable protection and peace of mind.

Wrapping Tissue Paper

Elevate your packaging experience with our exquisite collection of wrapping tissue paper. Crafted from premium-quality materials, our wrapping tissue paper offers a delicate yet sturdy texture, ideal for both wrapping packages and cushioning delicate items. Explore our extensive range and add a touch of elegance and protection to your packages with our wrapping tissue paper.

Industries We Serve

IPS has a wealth of experience in the financial sector and is proud to support majority of Financial Institutions across the region. Our products support the operations efficiency through inhouse R&D & Certified media that support the front office with ATM, EFTPOS and cleaning supplies plus critical back office equipment with supplies for Laser Printers, Cheques, Money Bags, ATM Cartridge Seals and Security Documents.
Our presence in the hospitality industry is growing with consumables and services designed to drive operational efficiencies. Our branch delivery program can support stores directly where required with POS rolls, EFTPOS rolls, custom labels, food labelling, cleaning supplies, paper bags and paper cups.
We keep retail moving with solutions that enable store promotions and branding through printed paper rolls, printed paper bags, labels solutions for in store and warehouse as well as back office printer solutions such as laser cartridges and security documents.
Transport is an essential and critical service for the majority of industries. IPS supports the transportation industry with multiple products including printed delivery notes, POS rolls for hand held machines, bus tickets, RFID solutions, shipping labels and forms, warehouse location labels and back office laser printer solutions.