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Security Documents

IPS MEA has been one of the pioneers in providing Security documents like Bank Cheques, Bank Drafts, Special Corporate Cheques, Pay Orders, LC documents etc.

IPS is ISO certified and Central bank compliant manufacturing facility operating inside Jebel Ali Free Zone which is a highly secured environment. Our In-house capabilities & Cheque bureau centres across the region help us deliver secured solutions to wide range of Financial institutions & Corporate customers.

Every business has its own security document in the form of Cheques, Invoices, Contracts, Letterheads, Drafts etc. We ensure to avoid forgery of your documents by using :

  • IPS Watermark CBS1 Cheque Paper
  • Comprehensive use of security features
  • Technological application to combat counterfeiting
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) for cheques

Product Features

Toner Formulation

For security documents, toners are specially formulated where the information is sorted through magnetic charge sent to the paper for reading the stored information such as account number, in case of a cheque.

Encrypted With Characters

High security documents like cheques are printed with a special ink, sensitive to magnetic fields. This process encrypts the documents with special characters to reduce risk of financial loses through fraudulent activities.

Prevents Document Forgery

Use advance printing technology and scannable ink to prevent fraudulent activities. Today, this technology is used by banks, governments and corporations who help them to detect misleading activities.

Product Details

Our 40+ years of experience gives us expertise in printing security documents for banks such as cheques, which cannot be duplicated! We ensure to follow all the protocols to minimize the forgery.

Some of our Security features are:

  • Microtext
  • Erasable Ink
  • VOID Feature
  • Warning Band
  • UV Invisible Ink
  • Aqua Fugitive Ink
  • Photochromic Ink
  • Thermochromic Ink
  • Solvent Sensitive Ink
  • IPS Watermark Paper
  • Personalized Patented Hologram
  • Personalized Watermark paper for the customer
The IPS Difference

Why Partner With Us

With over 40+ years of existence in the region and serving top Financial, Retail, Hospitality & manufacturing sectors across the Middle East Africa & South East Asia region, IPS stands out in Print consumables like Thermal Paper Rolls, ATM Rolls, EFTPOS rolls, Security documents like Cheques printing, Labels and Laser Toner solutions complying with all the industry protocols. The state-of-the-art equipment with central bank compliant instrument empowers IPS to give an enhanced printing experience to the client and its customers. With specialized features to avoid duplication of the security documents, forgery can be avoided at all cost.


IPS has its own offices & teams across the Gulf region hence providing local support & customer centric culture.


Our reputation for quality has been developed over 40 years and we believe in continuous improvement. Serving over top 100 Financial Institutions across the region we are a Brand leader in our product line.

Competitive Pricing

We offer our products at a competitive rate providing value without compromising on the quality of the product and hence offer an OEM like experience on our Certified media range.

Inotech Cheque Printing Solutions

  • DH Series
  • HVT Series
  • IE Series
  • IMP Series
  • LVT Series

DH Series

The Inotech DH Series Micr continuous forms personalisation system provides computer controlled high speed impact Micr , numbering and personalisation solutions for a wide range of security documents and can be fed from either fanfold or reel sprocketed paper.

HVT Series

The Inocheque HVT-L Series Tandem MICR Personalisation Systems offer a complete solution for the Micr encoding and text personalisation of continuous forms cheques, using the combination of well-proven impact and non-impact technologies.

IE Series

The IE Series MICR/OCR continuous printers are designed for heavy usage for the encoding of MICR codelines or OCR text on continuous stationery where the quality of the printed image is essential.

IMP Series

The Inotech MICR PRODUCTS IMP continuous stationery MICR encoder is cost effectively designed to print high quality MICR codelines for low volume applications using heavy duty proven impact technology giving low reject rate on cleared documents.

LVT Series

The Inocheque LVT-L Series Tandem MICR Personalisation System provides a complete solution for the MICR encoding and text personalisation of continuous forms cheques, using the combination of well-proven impact and non-impact technologies.

Fiscode™ Laserpin™

The Fiscode™ Laserpin™ is a recent addition to our patented Laserpin™ range. Accredited to APACS Level 4, the highest level of accreditation. The patch is face-peel with tamper evidence by virtue of fibre tear. Fiscode™ Laserpin™ can be processed on all major continuous and cut sheet lasers. Fiscode™ Laserpin™ is totally secure, tamper evident and cost-effective. Flexibility of design and format is consistent with all Laserpin™ products - multiple patch positions, PINS can be supplied on reels/fanfold/one or two to view/cut sheet A3, A4 or A5.

  • Significant postal savings per annum
  • supply chain under one roof
  • Single inclusive price
  • No requrment for client to hold stacks
  • Effciency savings in workstreams

Industries We Cover

IPS has a wealth of experience in the financial sector and is proud to support majority of Financial Institutions across the region. Our products support the operations efficiency through inhouse R&D & Certified media that support the front office with ATM, EFTPOS and cleaning supplies plus critical back office equipment with supplies for Laser Printers, Cheques, Money Bags, ATM Cartridge Seals and Security Documents.
Our presence in the hospitality industry is growing with consumables and services designed to drive operational efficiencies. Our branch delivery program can support stores directly where required with POS rolls, EFTPOS rolls, custom labels, food labelling, cleaning supplies, paper bags and paper cups.
We keep retail moving with solutions that enable store promotions and branding through printed paper rolls, printed paper bags, labels solutions for in store and warehouse as well as back office printer solutions such as laser cartridges and security documents.
Transport is an essential and critical service for the majority of industries. IPS supports the transportation industry with multiple products including printed delivery notes, POS rolls for hand held machines, bus tickets, RFID solutions, shipping labels and forms, warehouse location labels and back office laser printer solutions.

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